About me

  • I am an Independent Escort Lady and offer my services in Germany and throughout Europe.
  • I love the adventure, the variety paired with a lot of eroticisms and therefore live my side job as an Independent Escort.

As an independent young lady with an incredible passionate touch of temperament, I love to enjoy life in its full glory. Discretion in all matters is my top priority for both sides.

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You are a gentleman who appreciates exceptional experiences. A man who can enjoy life with all senses. Thus, a connoisseur who knows how to give others and himself a treat. You like the art of seduction. Can you also allow yourself to give away control? Do you appreciate the unpretentious and confident elegance of a beautiful woman? Do you wish an intelligent and joyful togetherness at eye level? Are you ready for a little or big adventure that inspires your mind and your senses, which is not commonplace?


Perhaps you like to let me be the maestro of your delights and sensuality, I do not need a stage or staging. I want to live within the moment and without a script, but with empathic spontaneity and creativity. Live, feel, taste, and enjoy, that’s what I do with all my senses. I am authentic and a born seductress by passion. I like a picnic in bed just as much as a formidable dinner in a starred restaurant. But at the end of the day, the place where my suitcase or my bag is, with you smiling at me, at this place I feel at home, whether it is Dusseldorf or in another time zone.

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Let us enjoy together, having exceptional experiences with each other, love, laugh, talk, feast, be passionate, become profound, and approachable … We will capture the moment and let time standstill. Maybe we might explore the world together? Let us be obscene, extraordinary, instinctual, passionate, and sensual. Let’s have unforgettable moments for creating fondest memories.


Discretion in all matters is my top priority for both sides. If you are a gentleman looking for a tingling, discreet and erotic adventure and want to break out of everyday life, please contact me. With your playful, humorous, and uncomplicated company, you will be able to realize a date with me with a few days lead time.
I am looking forward to your request.

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As an Independent Escort Lady, I live an active and fulfilled life and need a little time to plan my days. In order to be able to prepare our date properly, I kindly ask you to book at least 3 hours before the beginning of our date. The basic rule is: the earlier, the better! By using my booking form, we will be able to find the right day and time for our date the fastest. All further details can be discussed on the phone or via e-mail.

About me


  • Homebase city: Dusseldorf
  • Travel: Worldwide
  • Education: Study
  • Occupation:Interior Design
  • Languages: English, German, Spanish
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Height: 178 cm
  • Type: feminine, female rounded
  • Clothing size: 36
  • Cup size: 75C (natur)
  • Dressing Style: fashionable, elegant, stylish, classic, sporty
  • Lingerie preferences: Aubade, Agent Provocateur, Maison Close, Madame V
  • Hobbies: Literature, Writing, Photographing, Traveling, Cooking, Cinema, Theater, Opera, Hiking, Dancing, Art.
  • Preferred cuisine: Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, German
  • Preferred drinks: Sauvignon Blanc, Sancerre, rosé champagne, coffee, water.
  • Destinations that I would like to explore: Mexico, Japan, Australia, Greece, Tuscany, Sardinia, Elba, Scotland, Ireland, Crete, Mykonos, and much more.
  • What I do not like: Disrespect, lack of humor, narrow-mindedness, unreliability, double standards, intolerance, injustice, violence.
  • What I like a lot: Respect, loyalty, punctuality, humor, serenity, sovereignty, courtesy

I am

very open and like a lot of erotic varieties, but we are not under pressure to try everything. Let's just go on the journey together and live out our lust.
Things that I love very much:

  • passionate deep kissing with tongue
  • tender caresses, petting, cuddling and sensual body kisses
  • erotic and/or relaxing massages with nurturing massage oil
  • extensive oral sex without a condom including lustful ball-licking with completion on my hot body (you can cum on my perky breasts)
  • oral sex on me (I love having my juicy pussy licked extensively until I have an orgasm)
  • position 69 (do you enjoy licking my sweet pussy while I am giving you a really hot blowjob with ball-licking?)
  • facesitting (I can sit on your face while you lick my pussy)
  • sex toys (do you want to watch me masturbate with a dildo or use the dildo on me while I am giving you a blowjob?)
  • foot fetish (you can pamper my very beautiful and well-groomed feet, suck on my toes and get a foot job from me)
  • stocking fetish (would you like to experience my endless long slim legs in sexy nylons and then cum on them?)
  • prostate massage (I can stimulate your prostate with my fingers and/or toys)
  • anal sex on you (do you enjoy being taken anally with a strap-on or a dildo?)
  • passionate sex (only with protection!) in all positions

About me

My dear,

travelling together is a wonderful experience. In order to find out, whether we want to spend an extended amount of time together, I suggest us meeting briefly prior to making any travel plans. This way, we have the chance to already get to know each other and may plan our trip together. Longer trips and those which take us abroad should be planned well in advance and I kindly ask you to make your request at least 2-4 weeks prior to the desired travel date.

My dear,

My dear, certainly not a must, but I always appreciate the gesture! Most of all I enjoy things that are not only beautiful (or tasty), but also useful. For those of you who want to make me happy and pampered with a gift, there are some ideas:

For the (relatively) inexperienced gentleman:

Are you (relatively) inexperienced sexually and want to broaden your horizons? Is it hard for you to approach women and you back off as soon as it gets “serious”? Does your fear of disappointing a potential sexual partner result in you wanting to give up? Are you unsure of how to handle the female body, and may even feel a little awkward? Maybe also, your self-esteem suffers more and more because of your lack of sexual experience? Sexual inexperience seems to be a very taboo subject in our society. Unfortunately, nowadays it’s all about collecting as many sexual adventures as possible even at a very young age (when one may not also feel ready). The pressure in the world of sex to “work” and gain as much experience as possible is enormous and can have a pretty severe adverse effect on adulthood for men. As time goes by, it becomes harder and harder to approach women in fear of disappointing them sexually, which leads to a vicious cycle. In the course of my profession as an escort, I have met quite a few inexperienced men up to mid-30s, who were uncomfortable talking about their sexual frustration openly and were even ashamed of it. They thought they were alone with their lack of experience, which is by no means the case, even though nowadays everyone thinks they have to hide something out of fear for the reactions of those around them. However, they have taken the first very important step and have been looking for a woman who can sensitively introduce them to the world of erotica and show them how to behave and handle the female body. Many sexually inexperienced men want to know what a “woman wants” and ask me to show them. Of course, there is no general answer tot hat question (the same holds true for „what a man wants“) because sexual preferences vary from person to person. Each person’s body responds differently to different touches, sensations, feelings, etc., and what can bring one pleasure can bring pain to another. However, there are several “basic rules” that I can convey, and I can give you numerous tips and show you how to apply them correctly. From my last conversation with countless women, I can also communicate what different wishes and needs different women have, how different bodies react to certain things and how you can adjust or learn to discover these things. Sex is not learned from books, and especially not from porn (which is almost exclusively aimed at male sexuality), it is a process of “learning by doing” and above all requires sensitivity and openness. I will not pretend that I’ll be able to make you a great sexual lover, but I can help you learn in all the right ways ;-). I know it is a difficult step to get help regarding sexual frustration, but I promise to act with the utmost empathy and understanding! There is absolutely nothing for which you have to be ashamed of. And if you are interested, I can give you a lot of useful and experience-based tips that aren’t necessarily sexual in nature. These tips include: addressing/getting to know women, subtle small-talk topics, body language, outward appearance, self-confidence in dealing with women, taking the initiative, interpreting individual personalities, and much more. I will address you individually and do my best to help you!

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For the man in a partnership who wants a fulfilling sex life:

Are you currently in a relationship, but don’t have a fulfilling sex life? Is there a lack of harmony between you and your partner, which doesn’t allow for open conversation so she can tell you about her sexual desires? Or maybe you dare not to ask in fear of rejection? Perhaps you don’t know how and if you can convey your wishes to your partner. Through my many conversations with other women and also many men since my youth, I notice again and again that it often seems complicated for people to speak openly about their erotic needs. Even in already established partnerships. You talk to your best friend about it, but you have inhibitions about your partner. Some of my past clients have told me about such a problem. On one hand, sex and eroticism are omnipresent in our society, but it is difficult for many to be open and honest with their partner. Although sex takes place, it is not really fulfilling due to the lack of openness about each other’s desires and needs, which leads to negative effects for the whole relationship. Often women who usually don’t orgasm as easily as men find themselves pretending to do their partner a favor and not disappoint him. The man then wonders why his partner withdraws sexually more and more and does not initiative sex on her own. Often it is just assumed that they simply do not have the desire for sex on the grounds that women are not as sexual as men. Of course, this is not true, because women NEED sex and eroticism just like a man! If the woman is not satisfied, she will inevitably lose interest in it or avoid it in fear of conflict. But how can a man know if what he is doing is right or wrong, and if his partner does not talk about it openly and honestly with him? Not only does this affect one’s own sexuality and that of the partner, but the lack of honest erotic exchange has a negative effect on the whole relationship over time. One will start to feel misunderstood and unsatisfied but does not dare to address the partner in fear of rejection, incomprehension, and disappointment. How do I articulate my erotic desires without offending my partner and make her feel like she doesn’t satisfy me? How do I find out what my partner really likes if she is not ready to talk openly? How can I make things more open? How do I know if she is really enjoying having sex with me, or if she participates just to satisfy me? How can I better respond to my partner and achieve a mutually fulfilling sex life? There is no such thing as a recipe for success, as every human being ticks (sexually) differently. However, I can share with you my many years of very rich experience, show you certain things, giving very useful tips, bring the reaction of the female body closer and teaching you to handle them appropriately and correctly. Yes, even experienced men find this difficult, but this is due to the fact that the pretending of an orgasm for many women is an absolute matter of course and the motto prevails “he strives for yes, so I’ll do him the favor” (guilt certainly plays a role here, as well as socialization, and on the other hand the porn industry, which conveys a completely wrong image of women regarding sexuality). This leads the woman in a relationship to experience sexual frustration because if she is unable to communicate her needs, there is no way for the man to know what she wants. Ultimately, the woman will become less interested in having sex with her partner, and the man will become frustrated because he is unsure why.

For the newly single man:

You just got out of a long relationship and haven’t had many sexual experiences before that? Maybe you’re just feeling “rusty” sexually? Or possibly you just want to venture back into dating but are characterized by uncertainty, preventing you from taking your chances with other women. Or you may feel overwhelmed with the end of the relationship, maybe even plagued by a bad experience/separation of fear and doubt? In this case, the use of coaching would be a great way to gain your confidence back and get rid of the uncertainty and doubt preventing you from meeting new women. I will do my best to bring back your “mojo” and guide you away from your doubt with useful tips. Of course, I can’t guarantee you to become a Tinder “star” after coaching 😉 but I can support you both in practical and theoretical terms, try to build your self-confidence (not only in sexual terms), help you convey a positive attitude and share my wealth of experience to help lead you to a better sexual life. These tips to get to know women include small-talk, body language, outward appearance, interpreting certain personalities, approaching women, avoidance in a certain situation, etc. Again, I will respond to your needs individually.

About me

I want to mention that I am not a sex therapist; this offer is just an extension of my service. My knowledge in this regard does not come from courses. I do not study psychology but is based on years of intensive experience, a critical and pervasive examination of the subject (both theoretical and practical), great empathy, sensitivity, openness, understanding of various problems and many conversations with both and of course women about sexuality, dating, etc.

Over time, more and more inexperienced men approached me with the request for an erotic “lesson” and in discussions with already sexually experienced men. Those are already in a relationship. I discovered that there is still plenty of demand. Many men have told me that in their relationships, everything works great, except for the sex. Even if I had then noticed in the sexual interaction with the gentlemen where the problems may lie, it was of course not possible to articulate this. Because as an Independent Escort, I’m not paid for a “teaching unit,” but for providing my clients with a great experience. This created the deep desire to start here directly and to develop a special offer for all the gentlemen who see a need here and are interested.

If you are one of those interested men, I am looking forward to your email!